Friday, July 29, 2016

Weblogic -- Single Weblogic Server & Multiple Domains

Here is the tip of the day and again I will keep it short, so directly jumping into the topic;
We don't need to install a seperate Weblogic Server in each time we want to create a new domain.
Suppose, we need to install OID + OAM.
We first a Weblogic Server, and then install OID on it. OID will have its own weblogic domain on top of this Weblogic Server, as it is a part of the installation.
So , when we come to OAM installation, we can use the same Weblogic Server to place our OAM software and create a specific domain for OAM as well.
At the end of the day, we install OID and OAM in to the same Weblogic Server but in to different Weblogic domains.

Well, Multiple domains can be created on single Weblogic Server. That's right. We tested it. We actually installed OID + OAM in to the same Weblogic Server and I can say that it is stable and it is not so hard to administrate.
However, there are 2 things that I will warn you if you want to do a similar configuration;

1) Ensure there is no conflict between Admin server or Managed Server ports, when we you have 1 WL Server running on one machine with multiple domains.
Altough Weblogic can listen on all avaiable interfaces(That is, while , Admin Server on domain 1 can listen from ip_address:7001, Admin Server on domain 2 can listen on localhost:7001) , having the same ports across domains will cause problems. Nodemanger will not work properly. There should be no admin server, or managed server sharing the same port accross domains.
2) Change the cookie name of the domains to be different from each other.
For example : FOR OID domain, the cookie name can be WLSOIDCOOKIE, and for OAM domain , the cookie name can be WLSOAMCOOKIE. Cookie change requires all the WLS server components in a domain to be restarted. If you don't do this change and restart, then you will not be able to administrate multiple domains in a single Browser, that is the cookie will conflict.

So, that 's all I need to mention about this topic, I hope it will help you.

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