Wednesday, September 27, 2017

EBS R12 -- XML publisher -- java.lang.OutOfMemoryError, the definitions of recommended properties

For big sized reports, Oracle recommends settings the following properties for XML publisher..
This is especially, when you encounter java.lang.OutOfMemoryError (Usually OPP gets its).

Set the following properties from XML Publisher Administration:

Responsibility=>Administration UI 

General => Temporary directory => \tmp 
This could be any directory with full read and write access 

FO Processing=> 
Use XML Publisher's XSLT processor =>true 
Enable scalable feature of XSLT processor=> true 
Enable XSLT runtime optimization=>true
2. The above properties can be set to "xdo.cfg" as well.

<property name="xslt-xdoparser">True</property>
<property name="xslt-scalable">True</property>

<property name="xslt-runtime-optimization">True</property>

Some of my followers asked about their definitions, and here they are:
  • Enable XSLT runtime optimization: When set to "true", the overall performance of the FO processor is increased and the size of the temporary FO files generated in the temp directory is significantly decreased. 
  • Use XML Publisher's XSLT processor: Controls XML Publisher's parser usage. If set to False, XSLT will not be parsed.
  • Enable scalable feature of XSLT processor: Controls the scalable feature of the XDO parser. The property "Use BI Publisher's XSLT processor" must be set to "true" for this property to be effective.

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