Tuesday, September 26, 2017

EBS 11i - compiling jsps, just a little info -> not a valid class_dir directory

We know that, we can compile jsps in EBS 11i manually. (by using perl -x $JTF_TOP/admin/scripts/ojspCompile.pl —compile —quiet)

We also know that, in EBS 11i; we can clear the jsp cache by deleting the _pages directory located in $COMMON_TOP.

However, there is a little important thing that we need to know, while planning to take these 2 actions.

That is, you can't just the clear jsp cache and then directly compile the jsps.

This is because osjpCompile.pl wants the $COMMON_TOP/_pages/_oa__html directory to be present, as it is designed to get this directory as its class_dir.

So, if we clear jsp cache (by running rm -fR $COMMON_TOP/_pages) and then run the osjpCompile.pl immediately, we end up with the following;

identifying apache_top.../TEST/testora/iAS
identifying apache_config_top.../TEST/testora/iAS
identifying java_home.../usr/java/jdk1.6.0_23
identifying jsp_dir.../TEST/testcomn/html
identifying pages_dir.../TEST/testcomn
identifying classpath...file:///TEST/testora/iAS/Apache/Jserv/etc/jserv.properties
"not a valid class_dir directory: (/TEST/testcomn/_pages/_oa__html)"

Well.. As seen above, we need to have the jsp cache to run the osjpCompile.pl.

In order to have our jsp cache back, we start apache and then using our browser; we reach the login page (reaching it once is enough)

After that, we see our  $COMMON_TOP/_pages/_oa__html directory is created. At this point; we can run osjpCompile.pl without any errors.

This was the tip of the day. I hope you will find it useful.

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