Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Problem installing Oracle FMW 12 - Error - CFGFWK-64254, ONS related error, oracle.jdbc.fanEnabled=false

Today, I was doing a 2 node Forms & Reports Cluster on Solaris 11.3 Sparc 64 bit. and during the run, I encountered "CFGFWK-64254 error during OPSS Processing" phase execution.
The underlying error was "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ONS configuration failed"..
It was clearly related with RDBMS ONS. (Oracle Notification Service), but the database environment where I created the RCU schemas(forms and reports schemas), was a single node db environment and it was not configured with ONS.
So the error was unexpected and probably it was a bug. It was not documented and it motivated me for finding the fix.
The installer of Forms ( or lets FMW) was, however; wanted to use ONS and it insisted on it..
In the previous screens, I actually did find a workaround for it.. That is, I could use the FAN related argument in those screens as those screens had textboxes for supplying java arguments.. (oracle.jdbc.fanEnabled=false)

However, when you fill all the installation forms and press the button "create", you can not use this workaround as there is nowhere to supply this java argument and you ended up with these ONS related errors.

The workaround ( in my opinion, it is a fix / it  is a patch) that for this is, to supply this argument in the ( indirectly executes

What I did was to modify the to include -Doracle.jdbc.fanEnabled=false
Ofcourse, I wrote it in the right place/line in that script and make the java use it.
This fixed the problem.
Tested and verified. :)


  1. Please let me know at which line we need to add this?

  2. In , which line we need to add this arguement??

  3. hi , i have added eval '"${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java"' -Doracle.jdbc.fanEnabled=false ${JVM_ARGS} '"$@"' ${CAM_ARGUMENTS}, but sill facing same error

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